• Gym Trousers

    Gym Trousers

    Picking the right gym trousers is almost as important as picking the right workout. Your gym trousers need to be able to perform as well as you do.

    Factors to consider when buying gym trousers:

    1. Are my trousers activity appropriate? Picking the right gym trousers based on your activity can help you to perform better during your workout, for example cycling trousers feature padding to the crotch which can make long rides far more comfortable, but would completely ruin your form, as well as be very uncomfortable during a gym session. Our Roteck Leggings design makes them perfect for running, with a tighter waist, secured with both a drawstring and elastic to ensure they stay put whilst you run and also a pocket in the back to store a phone and keys.
    2. Are my gym trousers comfortable? Thick seams, restrictive and tight leggings can cause issues during your workout, making you self conscious and uncomfortable. Try your gym trousers on before you buy them to ensure they are comfortable and if you're buying online opt for clothing with flatlock seams and 4 way stretch materials for maximum comfort, such as those in the Sundried collection.
    3. Will I be visable in my gym trousers? If you're training outdoors, or near a road, being visible is crucial for your own safety and the safety of those around you. Ensure you opt for gym trousers with reflective strips. Your clothing should keep you easily visible to road users.
    4. Is this the right material? Whilst sweatpants may feel like the most comfortable option to start with, cotton works like a sweat sponge. When laden with sweat cotton becomes heavy and takes some time to dry out, leaving you hot and uncomfortable. Technical fabrics wick the sweat away from your skin, keeping you cool and dry in the summer and warm in the winter.
    5. Have I ordered the right fit? Different brands may have slight variations in their size guides, so it’s best to view the individual company's size guide before placing an order, know your measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

    Gym Trousers Fashion

    Nowadays, it’s not just in the gym where we’re spotting gym trousers, from sweatpants in the city to gym leggings in the office. Why? With fashion, it’s hard to tell why some things trend over others, but with mens gym trousers, we can see why the trends caught on. They look good, they feel good to wear and they’ll perform in the gym.The practicality of wearing a trouser which has technical features makes them incredibly appealing. A man in gym trousers also makes a statement about himself, suggesting he trains in the gym alludes to someone who takes care of himself, who cares about their physique, their health, what they look like. Wearing gym clothes outside of the gym suggests you want people to know you train.

    Gym trouser guide:

    Despite them being on trend, you can till commit gym trouser fashion faux pars, here are some common gym trouser mistakes

    1. Drop Crotch. A dropped crotch is great for the laidback hippie look, but nothing about your training should be laidback, unless perhaps it’s yoga. Loose fitting bottoms with a drop crotch can restrict your range of motion, holding back your performance.
    2. Jeans. I hate to state the obvious here, but it does still happen. I’ve been mystified by many a gym goer in jeans. Not only are jeans thick enough to get you sweating in seconds, their thick material means they are prone to chafing. Chafing isn’t pretty. Jeans also completely restrict your range of motion and are likely to smell. If you're looking for a multi-functional trouser which can be worn for day wear as well as during your workouts, take a look at the Ortler Trouser, smart but technical for the all day active.
    3. Budgie smugglers. Some things should be left to the imagination. As much as we believe it’s you vs you with your training. Remember there are other people present.
    4. The gym trousers which leave a puddle. If you’re working hard, you’re going to sweat. That’s fine. But don’t leave a sweaty bench for the next person, the right gym trousers should wick sweat to eliminate this issue in the first place, but if your gym trousers do leave a sweat patch, grab a towel, please.
    5. Baggy Trousers. Baggy bottoms can easily catch on resistance machines or even trip you up if they’re a little on the long side. Avoid injuries and avoid baggy bottoms.

    Mens Running Trousers

    Gym Trousers for Winter

    During winter training you need to find gym trousers which are able to keep you warm even in freezing conditions. Thick climate controlled activewear is vital for surviving the winter months and regulating your body temperature. There’s no such thias bad weather, just bad activewear.

    Who made your gym clothes?

    Do you know who made you gym trousers? We’re asking you to question the ethics behind your activewear. Could you name where your gym trousers were made?

    The fashion industry is the 2nd largest pollutant in the world after oil, but still we sit back and fail to ask our favourite brands simple questions like 'Where is your product made?', 'Why is this so cheap?' and 'What are your environmental policies?'.

    Sundried ask you to #questiontheethics. Our gym trousers are produced with complete transparency throughout the production process. Read about our ethical production here.

    Mens Leggings Gym

    Men who wear leggings in the gym are more likely to be focused on their training. Why? They dress to perform. Not only do these gym leggings have technical fabrics to enhance their performance, the tight fitting nature allows the wearer - or their personal trainer to fully analyse their form without baggy material disguising what could potentially cause an injury. Gym Leggings can be worn for almost every fitness activity, the direct skin to tight contact means no excess fabric getting in the way, and the compact fit helps keep everything snug.

    So it’s time to unleash your inner superhero and squeeze into some leggings for your next training session … or to take on the world.

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  • Womens Training Jacket

    Workout wear is continuing to grow and it won’t be long before it’s a staple in every wardrobe. No doubt it’s a staple in yours, that’s what’s led you to Sundried. Now you can be stylish and functional post workout with apres sports jackets that fuse technical function with catwalk style.

    It’s time to upgrade your hoodie.

    Women's Training Jacket

    Why wear a training jacket?

    Post workout protection

    You can’t catch a cold from being cold. You only ‘catch’ a cold if you have been in contact with the virus. However, the sudden change in body temperature after a workout can accentuate a condition you already have, such as asthma, which could make you more susceptible to a virus with a weakened immune system.

    The winter months are tough on your body’s thermoregulation process, especially when you're training outdoors your body will be fighting to maintain its core temperature. After your session you need to give your body every advantage in getting back up to temperature, so once you’ve washed and dried, putting some layers on, like a jacket can aid the recovery.

    Add athletic style

    You just worked hard why wouldn't you want a jacket that reflects that. An athletic jacket completes the look and is perfect for layering over your workout wardrobe. Often regular jackets can look odd with workout clothes or trainers, but a training jacket is designed to be worn with your trainers, so you're going to look and feel the part.

    Technical Function

    From moisture-wicking linings to smooth, leather exteriors, training jackets are available with the technical functions of your gym wardrobe, so they can be worn whilst you're warming up, whether that's your walk to the gym or your dynamic stretching before a run as well as post workout.

    Training jacket materials


    Fleece jackets are ideal for autumn days when brisk temperatures begin to set in. They are lightweight and soft, and provide a comfortable way to keep out the chill when worn post workout.


    Nylon is lightweight and waterproof. Many have a fleece lining for extra warmth. These fabrics are ideal for biking or hiking in wet and windy weather. Nylon has more bulk than fleece. Opt for  taped seams and a front flap to cover the zip if you need extra insulation. Narrow armholes and elastic waists help to seal garments to prevent wind and rain from entering. A nylon jacket with a high collar will also protect the neck from wind chill.


    Traditional down-filled jackets are bulky, but the feathers help the wearer to maintain their natural body heat and keep it circulating, even in very cold temperatures. Down typically lasts longer than other fillings, however jackets filled with synthetic materials have a slimmer design and withstand wet weather better than down gilets, but tend to lose heat more rapidly.

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  • Mens Apres Sports Jacket

    We live busy lives, the fact you have the time to take to read this is a little miracle in itself, so when it comes to what you wear, it needs to be as multifunctional as you are.

    Apres sports jackets

    Apres sports jackets are designed to endure the journey from fashion to fitness by supporting your sport before, during and apres (meaning after). The apres sports jacket originates from skiwear, but as there has been an increasing demand for fashionable activewear, it has crept into the world of gym wear.

    Men's Training Jacket

    When to wear an apres sports jacket

    The clue is in the name here. The jackets are designed with active style, they still feature technical fabrics, but they are also a lot warmer and heavier than you would usually wear during training - although some do.

    The apres sport jacket is the last thing you put on and the first you take off, it’s your layer of protection between your gymwear and the world, so it needs to look good, fit comfortably and keep you warm.

    Sundried Jacket

    What to look for in an apres sport jacket


    If this is what you're wearing after training, when your muscles are all achy, comfort is essential. At this point your skin is sweaty and vulnerable to chafing so you need to find materials that are soft and supportive.


    As this jacket is your barrier against the world between your workout gear, you want it to keep you well insulated after a tough workout, particularly if you've been running in the cold.


    The apres sports jacket is designed to look active, but remain stylish, as it is what the world see’s you in, you want to look good.


    Due to the nature of the apres sports jacket, it's important that the jacket is still technically savvy, so that if you wanted to workout in it, you could and should! Look for moisture wicking fabrics that are water resistant and help with thermoregulation.

    Sundried Training Jacket

    Apres sports jacket sizing


    UK Size

    Measurement (centimetres)



    Extra-Small (XS)




    Small (S)




    Medium (M)




    Large (L)




    Extra-Large (XL)




    Extra-Extra-Large (XXL)




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  • 10 Tips For Buying Men's Activewear

    Sundried Guide To Buying Men's Activewear

    Not all activewear is made the same. Some feature more high-tech sweat-wicking and odour blocking technology, while others are more basic and directed towards fashion. Some are a combination of the two! Training in the wrong apparel can really affect your workout, so it's important to get it right. Sundried have put together our top 10 tips for buying men's activewear.

    1. Know Your Size

    Men’s activewear sizes may differ from your regular clothing or suit size. You demand a lot more from your activewear than you do from your working wardrobe, so you may need some extra leeway when it comes to sizing, providing the space to pull, push and twist in any way your training takes you.

    Men's Activewear

    2. Choose Function First

    Whilst low cut stringers may show off maximum muscle, are they practical during training? Not always. Activewear should be functional, cut with designs and shapes which flatter your form and move with you during training. This also goes hand in hand with sizing. While a tight T-shirt may show off a muscular physique, it may also restrict your range of motion. Always try your activewear on and check you can function freely in it before buying a size too small.

    3. Make Sure Your Activewear is Sport-Specific

    The rise in the popularity of athleisure has seen the merging of fashion and fitness, encouraging more people to adopt a more active lifestyle, which is a fantastic thing to see. However, cheap fashion brands are releasing clothings ranges which they term as ‘activewear’ which actually lack any technical or sports function. They’re cut in the right shapes, but with little to no sport support.  Opt for companies which focus solely on activewear which use trialled and tested technical fabrics to create silhouettes which are designed with a sports specific focus to enhance performance, not to just look good or stay on trend. 

    4. Wear Layers

    Wearing extra layers to burn more calories is a myth, but what wearing extra layers will actually do is help to provide you with extra variety, so you remain as comfortable as possible throughout your exercise. The purpose of wearing layers is so that in colder weather you can keep warm and drop layers as you heat up and visa versa as the weather gets warmer. Keeping your body at a comfortable temperature will enable you to perform for longer. Why not try layering our Roteck leggings under the Sundried Furgler Short.

    5. Read Reviews

    If a product is good, somebody will want to shout about it. Search for reviews before making a new activewear purchase. If you train on a daily basis, this is a big investment and you need to be confident in what you’re wearing. You can read reviews for Sundried's products on Amazon.

    6. Know How Your Activewear is Made

    At Sundried we support ethical production. If the price of clothing is so cheap it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Somewhere down the line, someone else will be paying the price. We believe in transparent production, partnering with The Low Carbon Innovation Fund with well-supported staff throughout our supply chain and a charitable donation to Water for Kids with every purchase.

    7. Make it Stylish

    If your activewear and daywear merge seamlessly, you can fit activity in at any given moment. Our activewear is designed for “all day active” and is stylish and smart enough to be worn as daywear, but functional for fitness performance. 

    8. Find the Right Fabrics

    Cotton may be comfortable when it’s dry, but not so much when it’s wet. Cotton absorbs moisture, making it heavy and prone to chafing, which can restrict your training. Technical fabrics are advanced to prevent snags, wick sweat, and allow skin to breathe. Our new range features 100% recycled materials such as reused coffee grounds, which contain natural odour blocking technology and superior swear-wicking capabilities. 

    9. Have a Wardrobe for all Weather

    Find men’s activewear which will suit all weather conditions. Unfortunately, here in the UK we’re not blessed with perfect weather conditions, so make sure your activewear wardrobe is technically savvy enough to cope. Opt for water resistant fabrics and layer with wind breakers. Summer seasons will require shorts, if the weather treats us!

    Training in Activewear from Sundried

    10. Follow the Care Instructions

    Simply following your activewear care instructions will help them last longer and do their job better. Depending on how much you train, when treated correctly your activewear can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. Harsh chemicals and boiling water can damage your activewear, diminishing the breathability and wicking abilities of your garments, so always avoid mixing these in with your washing. We suggest washing activewear separately of your other washing to extend its lifespan. Do not overly agitate or stretch the pieces and never wring your activewear, as it will pull and stretch the fabrics natural grain and design.

    Up to 80% of the impact of a t-shirt occurs after purchase. The water, chemical toxicity, energy use and emissions from washing and drying your clothing all contribute to your eco footprint. Throughout our marketing, our products, wash care labels and our site, we encourage and remind you to Wash Cool, Sun Dry.

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  • Black Sleeveless Top

    The ultimate in athletic design. The sleeveless top is a mark of fitness, revealing chiseled arms with a fit designed for performance and function. Sleeveless tops are perfect for those who train hard, highlighting toned arms and allowing freedom to move and breathe through their sleeveless design.

    Black Sleeveless Top

    Sleeveless top usage

    The sleeveless top is often worn in sports, particularly basketball and track and field events. In the U.S, it’s often referred to as a “tank top”. Here in the UK we tend to call it a “vest” or even a “singlet”. In the Philippines, when used as an undershirt it is called a “sando”. In Bangladesh and the State of West Bengal in India it is called  “sando-genji”, in other eastern states of India it is called “Sando-ganji”. In Northern and Central India it is known as a “Banian” and is used extensively as an undershirt to absorb sweat and prevent its penetration to outer layers of clothing. In France it is commonly called a "marcel" since its first large-scale production by Marcel Eisenberg for the Parisian handlers during the mid 19th century, or more formally a "débardeur", from the name of a trade.

    Sleeveless tops are often worn for all day activity in the warmer months as the freedom of sleevless allows for better ventilation to keep cool in warm summer months, perfect for the all day active. Often worn alone under casual settings, as loungewear, or while completing gardening or other chores around the home.

    Athlete running in Sundried Black Sleeveless Top

    Sleeveless tank top design

    The build of a sleeveless T shirt is simple with neck and armholes which are reinforced for durability. A tank top consists of a sleeveless shirt with low neck and different shoulder straps width.

    Why do they call it a tank top?

    It may surprise you but the term ‘tank top’ has nothing to do with tanks. In fact, the name tank top, recorded in English since 1968, is derived from its resemblance to a tank suit, a style of one-piece women's swimsuit with shoulder straps. The “tank” suit gained its name in the 1920s because it was worn in a swimming “tank”, which we now refer to as "swimming pools."

    Gym sleeveless T shirt features

    A good sleeveless tank will have all the features you need, as well as useful extras you never thought of such as the dom tank’s reflective shoulder strips, helping to keep you safe and visible in low lighting conditions.


    Sleeveless t shirts designed with the gym in mind should focus on being as lightweight as possible. The main reason this top has been designed as sleeveless is to be cooler and therefore adding extra weight through the material choice defeats the point. Opt for lightweight materials which have been designed for gym use. Cotton is not one of them. Cotton absorbs sweat and will weigh you down during your workout. The most lightweight fabrics include nylon, polyester, and spandex.


    Gym tanks need to allow your skin to breathe. What do we mean by this? When we workout, we sweat and if our skin has no freedom to breathe, this sweat is then trapped between our workout top and our skin. The sweat isn’t removed and can a) cause chafing and irritation and b) smell. Technical fabrics are designed with this in mind and wick sweat, making sure you can perform at your best.

    Freedom of Movement

    The shoulder has the greatest range of motion than any other joint in the body, so when training, it needs the freedom to move. Going sleeveless allows the shoulder joint to move without restrictions of fabric. The dom tank features a lowered armhole to allow for extra freedom of movement to support your sport and maximise the range of motion for the shoulder. This is why this style of t shirt is particularly popular for sports such as netball and basketball which require a lot of freedom of movement to make winning shoots and passes.

    Dom Tank Back

    Stretch materials

    4 way stretch materials enable freedom of movement. Synthetic materials can also stretch up to 600 times their size and then shrink back to their original shape. Stretch materials compliment your physique with a personalised fit as well as offer restriction free movement to enhance your training.

    Secure Pockets

    We might be willing to ditch the sleeves but not the security, the Dom Tank features a concealed zip pocket in the back lining of the body for essentials like keys and money. Secure pockets make training in the heat easy without having to carry extra weight such as a bag for these essentials.

    Technical Fabrics

    Technical fabrics are synthetic, which means they’re man made with the direct purpose of the end product. Every item of the Sundried collection has been crafted with technical fabrics designed for the all day active, to be both comfortable for daywear and functional for exercise and sports performance. The latest technical fabrics are created to allow moisture through the weave and wick it away from the body to evaporate on the surface, ensuring you remain cool and comfortable. Technical fabrics can also be waterproof, allowing you to get caught in the rain without feeling sweaty and wet. So bad weather’s no excuse. Technical fabrics stretch with your body and help to aid thermoregulation, keeping you from feeling overly hot or cold. This is what makes them the perfect choice for gym sessions.

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