• The Benefits of Compression Wear

    What are the benefits of compression clothing?

    Many athletes swear by compression shorts, socks, tights, and other garments. These tight-fitting items are supposed to hold muscles firmly in place and improve blood flow to the muscles, thereby boosting athletic performance. The Sundried Men's Roteck 2.0 Training Tights are compression-style leggings with a tight fit and are perfect worn as a base layer. Wearing compression tights in the winter can prevent muscles from cramping up due to the cold and this can help prevent injuries. For women, the Sundried Ruinette 2.0 Leggings provide the same benefits.

    Do compression garments help you lose weight?

    Compression garments are specifically designed for athletes rather than for aesthetics and so can improve athletic performance. They do this by improving circulation and giving muscles additional support. Better athletic performance can motivate you to exercise more and more exercise is a proven method for losing weight. The Sundried Grand Combin Training Top is a tight-fitting long sleeve top for men which can be worn on its own or as a base layer for added protection. For women, the Sundried Grand Tournalin long sleeve training top is tight fitting without chafing as it is made from seamless materials and super soft premium fabrics. 

    Do compression tights work for recovery?

    Compression garments work by constricting your muscles. Compression garments also may increase blood flow to the muscles, which removes creatine kinase, an enzyme in your muscles that leaks out after muscle damage and can cause the ache. 

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  • Men's Black Leggings

    mens black leggings

    Men's black leggings are increasing in popularity as more and more men opt to wear them under gym shorts or even just go bold and wear them on their own. We take a look at the benefits of men's black leggings and, specifically, the men's leggings on offer here at Sundried.  

    Why wear leggings for men?

    There are many reasons why you should opt to add men's leggings to your gym clothes wardrobe. Whether you are a runner or not, we look at why you should have men's running leggings as part of your men's activewear collection.

    They keep you safe

    Sundried's men's roteck 3.0 black running leggings feature reflective cuffs and reflective detailing down the leg which will allow you to be seen in the dark. If you're going to be running outside during winter or at night, it's vital that you can be seen so that you can stay safe. You should always look for running leggings that feature reflective detailing for this reason.

    They are highly technical

    You should expect a lot from your sportswear. Our men's black leggings are sweat-wicking which will keep your legs cool and dry even during summer, they are made with four-way stretch materials which give full freedom of movement, and they feature a drawstring waist for a personalised fit and the peace of mind that they won't fall down as you move.

    leggings for men gym clothes activewear

    They mean you're doing your bit for charity

    You’ll have more than just runner's high to make you feel good after buying from Sundried. Every Sundried purchase comes with a unique donation code to charity Water for Kids. This means you can feel twice as good about your run as it’s helped to supply a child with water for the first time. 

    Because they’ll protect you where you need it most:

    We all like to show off a bit of leg in shorts, but when it comes to the winter months, flashing your pins on a run can mean risking freezing cold air shooting up your shorts into sensitive areas - which just don’t need that. Especially when it’s already cold. Keep your sensitive areas protected from the wind with fitted running leggings.

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  • Men’s Running Clothing

    Men's Running Clothing gym shorts leggings and tights

    Sundried’s activewear has been tested by triathletes to ensure we give you the best support possible on your run.

    Gym Vest Men

    If you're looking for a men's gym vest that you can wear running, look no further than the Sundried Dom Tank 2.0. This gym vest for men is perfect for running with its sleeveless design which enables complete freedom of movement. Incredibly, this running vest is made from 100% recycled materials, meaning it has superior technical qualities from the natural fibres. Whereas cotton gym t-shirts absorb sweat and leave you feeling heavy and sluggish for your run, the Dom 2.0 has been crafted with luxury technical fabrics which wick sweat away from the body and keep you feeling cool and comfortable throughout your run. The shoulder blades of this top are also lined with reflective strips to help keep those dedicated early risers or late night runners visible around the clock. Need a place to store your keys? This top also features a hidden secure back pocket for essential belongings so you don’t have to carry the extra weight of a bag on your run.

    Men's running leggings

    The Sundried Roteck 3.0 mens leggings have a streamlined design to provide a comfortable fit for your run. It's important that your men's running leggings are comfortable and fit well. The three most poignant features are:

    • A mid-rise waist which is supported by both a smooth elastic waistline and a drawstring which fastens on the outside. The double securing ensures that your leggings don’t fall down during your run and allows for a completely personalised fit.
    • A large but discreet zip up back pocket. We’ve tested the back pocket of our tights and it is large enough to fit any smartphone. The zip keeps it secure and provides confidence that your valuables are safe during your run.
    • Reflective trims line the ankles, making you more visible during dark nights or early mornings.

    Men's running leggings gym tights for men activewear sportswear

    Men's gym shorts

    For running in warmer climates, wearing a pair of gym shorts can be ideal. The Sundried Monte Leone men's gym shorts are great for running during warmer weather or as extra coverage over a pair of men's running tights for those who prefer not to wear leggings alone. Sitting just above the knee, they provide extra ventilation without compromising modesty with their length. Whilst these are great shorts for running, their tailored fit allows the shorts to transition into smart casual wear as well, perfect for the all day active man.

    Sundried men's shorts gym running fashion activewear

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  • Running Vest

    Running Vest

    Finding the right running vest can be the difference between your best run ever and a terrible one. There are lots of things to consider when choosing a new running vest, especially if you know you'll be spending a lot of time wearing it. Being comfortable during long runs is paramount, as worrying about chafing and overheating can distract you from your performance. We look at the features you should consider when shopping for a new running vest.


    Especially as the winter nights start to draw in, having reflective strips on your running vest can enhance your visibility and improve your safety. The Sundried La Singla Vest features stylish block colour strips which will cinch your waist and keep you visible in low light.

    Reflective running vest womens ladies


    For ladies, one of the features we look at most closely is whether a running top is fashionable and looks good. If your running gear is stylish enough, you'll be able to wear it for more than just running and it'll translate to meals out and social settings too.

    Sundried running vest ladies running gear top

    The Sundried Tour Noir Tank features a stylish cut out at the back which acts as ventilation on runs in warmer weather, but also looks great and will flatter and enhance your figure. It comes in black and white and the subtle branding and colour palette lends itself to being paired with the Sundried Breithorn Bra peeking out from underneath.

    Black running vest top jogging


    When it comes to running clothes for women, we want them to be lightweight and breathable. This is important as there is a good chance you'll be sweating heavily while running so you need technical sweat-wicking materials and premium fabrics to keep you comfortable. This jogging vest by Sundried is made from 100% recycled materials which give superior performance qualities. The fabric dries twice as fast as cotton meaning you will stay dry and comfortable throughout your run and you won't get unsightly sweat marks. It is super soft to the touch and will stay true to size even after several washes.


    Sundried recycled jogging vest


    Finally, it's important that you look your best no matter what. If you look good, you'll feel good! A smart running vest will make you stand out from the crowd and will make you feel like the real deal. A well fitting, tapered athletic running vest like the Sundried Les Rouies Vest features a beautiful tapered fit which will flatter your figure without sticking to you. It sits well around the hips and will make you look like a real athlete.

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  • Guide To Buying Running Tights

    Running Tights Guide

    Once you’ve run in a good pair of tights, you’ll never run in anything else.

    Running is one of the most widely accessible sports, with no opening or closing times, no pitch or court, no set destination. Running can be done almost anywhere and everywhere.

    It’s the marmite of sport. People either love nothing more than clearing their head with a good run, or they dread pounding the pavements and count the seconds until it’s over.

    If you are one of the latter people, this guide will help you pick the right tights to wear for your run. They won’t do the work for you, but the right kit can help you look and feel the part. If you’ve been running in the wrong kit, it may be why you’re not so keen!

    So, what should you look for when purchasing running tights?

    Running Tights Fit

    If your running tights don’t feel right when you’re trying them on in a fitting room, how do you think they’re going to hold up when once you put them through their paces running? Let me tell you… not well!

    Poorly constructed running tights have seams which don’t follow the muscle and this can lead to irritation and chaffing - which ain’t pretty! Opt for sports specific training tights which have flatlock seams designed to flow comfortably against your skin and support your normal muscle movement.

    Running tights are designed to be snug, but not so tight they restrict your circulation. Compression tights are worn like a second skin, but they should still feel comfortable and allow complete freedom of movement.

    Running Tights Length

    Most running tights will come in a set length, so it’s important to check the size guide before buying. Typically if a running tight is too long, due to their spandex / stretchy nature, you tend to be able to wear the tights with a gather at the bottom without any discomfort - I speak with experience as I’m barely over 5 ft.

    If a running tight fits short, you can end up with chilly ankles, so be sure to try before you buy. If your chosen brand’s length isn’t quite right for you, see what active socks they do. The right pair of socks can easily bridge the gap between your ankle and foot and will help keep you feet protected and blister free.

    Opaque Running Tights

    Now obviously, your tights are going to cover your legs… but are they actually going to cover your legs? When you’re stood still in the light of a changing room, your tights might seem to be opaque but when you’re out bending over stretching in the sunshine, are you going to be revealing all. This is one of the most important things to look for when purchasing any form of sports tight, as the already revealing nature of their figure hugging design hardly leaves much to the imagination as it is! Opt for tights which remain opaque even when stretched to avoid any embarrassment on the road.

    Running Tights Waistband

    Running tights waistband

    When running there’s plenty to focus on, from looking ahead of you, to breathing and of course, not falling over. The last thing you want to have to worry about is your tights falling down and having to whip your top layers up to yank them back up every few yards. It’s distracting, uncomfortable and let’s face it - incredibly annoying!

    Look for tights with a secure fastening system, for example our men's running tights have an elasticated waistband, which is further secured with a drawstring, for a personalised fit with added security and peace of mind that they absolutely will not fall down. Many gym tights have spandex waistbands, which although comfy and great for gym workouts, may slip during running. We recommend always opting for an adjustable waist when it comes to running.

    Running Visibility

    Depending on what time of day you get out running will depend on how important visibility is to you. As most people work, we’ll assume most of you are running in the early morning or evening and therefore won’t be blessed with the best hours of daylight. If this is the case, you need to make sure you're visible to cars and other road users to keep yourself safe. We recommend teaming a high- vis vest with some technical tights which offer reflective zones or panelling. This will help others to pick up your movement.

    Plan Your Pockets

    When you’re out on the road, you want to have as little as possible weighing you down, so a heavy backpack full of kit is a no-go. Opt for running tights with pockets which will keep your valuables snug and safe, without distracting from your run. Other than a water bottle all you really need are keys, a card or some cash and possibly a mobile phone. Our men's and womens running tights have a hidden zippered pocket large enough to hold your valuables discreetly.

    So you’ve got tight’s that are a comfortable fit, the right length, they’re not going to fall down or go see through, they’ll help keep you visible and store your valuables, what more should you look for?

    Running Tights Price

    This is where many people will get it wrong. They’ll opt for the cheapest tight, which may well do all of the above (or appear to), but in just a few months time they’ll need to replace them. Or the cheap tights won’t do one of the above features and you’ll end up replacing them anyway. Opt for quality over quantity and invest in a good pair of running tights. Well made running tights will last. If you’ve chosen to make the commitment to running, why not make the commitment to get the right kit to support to your new lifestyle choice, which in the long run will benefit your run, your health and your bank balance.

    We hope this will help you find a pair of running tights you can’t wait to slip into!

    Happy running.
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