43% of people prefer to wear activewear over regular clothing.

Wearing your onesie all day is no longer the in thing to do (thank goodness), now we’re all about health and fitness and gym clothes as daywear is the not only normal - it’s on trend!

Activewear as Daywear

All day activewear trousers

Activewear Facts

A study by Verdict Retail discovered that 53.7 percent of UK consumers bought activewear in 2015.

Shoppers between the age of 25 and 44 reached the highest percent of sales with 61 percent.

52.3 percent of UK consumers were found to wear activewear more than once a week.

43.3 percent of the consumers surveyed said that they preferred to wear activewear over other clothing items in their wardrobe.

The healthy-living industry is now worth $3.4 trillion globally which is nearly three-and-a-half times more than the worldwide pharmaceutical industry, according to figures from the Global Wellness summit last year.

Reasons to adopt the activewear as daywear trend

Let’s face it, this trends a lot better for us than wearing onesies all day!

It’s comfortable

Naturally because of it’s purpose, sportswear has been designed to provide maximum comfort, using fabrics which are soft against the skin when it’s in motion and during times of intensity when you get sweaty. The higher waistbands and supportive tops are far more comfortable to wear than jeans and underwired bras, whether you are working out or going for coffee.

It’s functional

Activewear is designed to be functional and support your sport in the toughest of times, when your body is being pushed to it’s limits. So, equally when you want the freedom of movement to be able to lift your shopping, pick your kids up or run to catch the train on your morning commute, activewear performs.

It could help to encourage you to meet daily exercise requirements

Being dressed ready for working out can help encourage you to actually exercise. Wearing gym wear all day allows for your workouts to be spontaneous, pass a pack bench and fancy doing some plyometrics on and off the bench? No problem. Want to do a quick blast on your lunchbreak at work? You’re covered. What’s more, most people would feel far too guilty to dress in their gym gear unless they’re planning on going to the gym at some point that day. Get in the gear and you’ve got one foot in the door.

Save time getting changed

Fitting in gym classes and your work schedule can be tough, do you find you always end up missing your favourite class if you're so much as a few minutes late out of work, or your trains delayed? Shave minutes off your time from work to working out without having to get changed and you could make that class!

Lifestyle focus

Wearing activewear all day encourages you to have a more active lifestyle and shifts your daily focus on health and being active. Even just this gentle change in wardrobe choice can affect your subconscious into making more healthy decisions during the day, whether it's passing up the office cupcakes to getting off one station early on your train ride to walk the last bit home.

One Outfit a day

Wearing activewear that is multi-functional means you only have to pick one outfit a day. So no need to try and fit an extra bag with a change of clothes into your compact commute space and no need to worry about dashing off to get changed before working out.

Less washing

Less washing is always nice, but it’s also better for the environment. At Sundried we recommend washing activewear on a cool heat and letting it dry naturally.

You’ll never look out of place

A fitness clothes have become increasingly stylish and popular on the catwalk. You’ll no longer look out of place going to do your food shop in gymwear, whereas you might have looked out of place trying to wear your office uniform to the gym. Now there’s a style that can suit all your daily tasks.

Sports Luxe

Whilst sports luxe is more expensive, you get what you pay for. Technical fabrics which last are expensive to source and create. We easily part with large amounts of money for fitness events and yet when it comes to our gym wear we’re more reluctant. A dress you may wear once, as you can never outfit repeat, or a gym outfit you could wear every day of the week, the choice seems rather obvious when you think about it.

It hints about your lifestyle approach

Wearing gym wear during the day is more a lifestyle approach, it creates a positive image of yourself. It sends the message “I take care of myself”, “I workout” and “I care about my health”.

Tip: Don’t be one of those people who wear gym clothes but have never set foot in a gym. You’ve got to walk the walk if you talk the talk. Make sure you break a sweat in your activewear, let your body and your clothing perform how it’s intended. If you're wearing activewear and haven’t done anything active, it’s time to up your game!

The sports clothing industry is about feeling good about yourself, wearing clothing that fits and makes you feel comfortable.

The feel good factor of your workout wardrobe can now stretch into your daywear, encouraging and allowing you to move more, unrestricted by clothing.

Activewear has to be fashionable and trend-led as well as functional and technically advanced.

Sundried delivers activewear which meets these demands. As all the staff are personal trainers with full time office jobs, Sundried knew their collection had to be multi-functional and able to transition from office to active, the new collection has a sophisticated style, with sports function.

View a day in the life of our Ortler trousers, where performance wear meets an active lifestyle.

Did you know Merriam-Webster have added “athleisure” to their Words To Watch for this year?

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