From zumba to running, cycling to swimming and everything in-between. We require a lot from our women's activewear so it’s important to pick a style which suits you.

Women's Activewear

Women's Activewear Top Styles

Fitted Gym Tops

Fitted gym tops are beneficial for those who want to show off a well earned physique. These tops are usually crafted with stretch materials which hug your shape and flatter your frame. Opting for a fitting gym top helps to ensure that your session is restriction free, as loose garments can catch on equipment or trap wind when running outdoors. A well-fitted top will also allow you to monitor your form, particularly watching for an arched or hunched back which is a common cause of injury. Sundried’s Tour Noir tank, features 4 way stretch materials which create a streamlined silhouette and unique cut outs engineered to provide the ultimate ventilation and freedom of movement.

Drape Gym Tops

A drape fitted gym top is great for those looking to cover up that little bit more. Loose fitting materials skim the body and flatter all body types. Drape fitting tops such as our Grivola Tee are also perfect for fitting into your normal day wear and can easily be taken from casual to active.

Compression Gym Tops

Compression wear is designed to be worn like a second skin and is great for remaining streamlined for sports such as cycling. It is also typically lightweight in design which is what makes it so popular for sportswear. Compression technology has also been shown to increase blood flow and help prevent aches, however this is often questioned and more supporting research is needed.

Women’s Crop Gym Tops

Those wanting to flash their washboard abs tend to opt for crop tops. In warmer summer months a crop top can make a stylish statement whilst keeping you cool. We suggest wearing our Breithorn bra solo when exercising in warmer weather, like our ambassador Sophie.

Womens Gym Bottoms

Finding the right gym bottoms is vital for your performance when training. Read our advice on gym tights styles here.

The Sundried Ruinette tights are multifunctional, providing support for a multitude of sports with extra waist support and a reflective trim.

We also have a guide to activewear to help you find the right support for your sport and our list of must have women's activewear.

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