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It’s time to change stereotypes, let’s have all the gear AND all the ideas. When is comes to women’s sleeveless tops it can be hard to know what to look for, and why would you opt for sleeveless over long sleeves? Our guide will take you through all the tank tech, so you can buy your sleeveless top with confidence, knowing it’s purpose in your workout wardrobe.

Womens Sleeveless Top

Women’s sleeveless Top Styles:

When it comes to working out there's a multitude of different style we can choose in a sleeveless gym t shirt.

Racer Back

Racer back cut tops allow freedom of movement around the shoulder joint, ensure your straps stay in place whilst performing difficult moves and allow your skin to breathe where it needs it most.

Racer Back Training Top

Cut out

Cut out tops provide the freedom of sleeveless with extra areas for improved ventilation and flattering style. Perfect for extra sweaty sessions and warm summer workouts.


Strappy tops provide a flattering fit which is ultra lightweight, support across the shoulders and chest is minimal so this fit is better for a more relaxed training session such as yoga or pilates.

Drop hole

A drop hole allows more freedom for your skin to breathe under your arms, it’s also great if you're worried about sweat patches - the material isn’t there to sweat on!


Crop tops are what we see in all the music videos, but actually very rarely in the gym, as your exposing that extra skin to cuts and scrapes from equipment. Crop tops work well in summer or for workout classes such as Zumba, where it’s beneficial to be able to see your stomach wiggle into the different moves.


Typically these are rocked by the men in the gym to flash their back muscle cleavage, but women can rock the look too. A stringer fit allows freedom of movement at the shoulder blade and can work for women as long as they team it with a supportive sports bra.

Womens Sleeveless Tank Top from Sundried

Women’s Sleeveless Top Materials




Whilst cotton may survive low - moderate intensity exercise, once you crank the anti up, cotton no longer becomes soft on the skin but soggy and can leave an athlete soaked after a heavy workout.


Polyester is the most popular choice because it is breathable, lightweight and dries quickly. It can however become frustratingly static.


Nylon has similar features to polyester. It is both lightweight and strong. Nylon does not absorb much moisture, it is also fast-drying and easy to maintain.


Spandex has the ability to stretch up to 500 percent of its original size and then recover its original shape. This material is also lightweight, making it ideal for fitness wear. One common form of spandex that is often seen in fitness wear is Lycra, which is a synthetic elastic fabric. Lycra is comfortable and breathable as well as quick-drying and resistant to bacteria, ultraviolet rays, and chlorine. This fabric also eliminates static cling and pilling.

Womens Sleeveless Tops Style Tips:

  1. Find a comfortable fit: Opt for tops which don’t drape or move too much if you're bending over. The last thing you want is for your clothes to be a distraction and mess up your workout.
  2. Function first: Always opt for functional wear, rather than what’s in fashion, some trends may end up impractical.
  3. Support: The right sports bra should support you enough that you shouldn't need any extra support from your gym t shirt, however often strapless tops have built in bras, these can be great for lower impact sports to wear bra free, or combine with your sports bra for higher impact workouts adding an extra layer of support.
  4. Choose technical: The chances are you’ve opted for sleeveless because you plan on getting sweaty, so go for a top made with technical fabrics which will help keep you dry during an intense workout and enhance your performance.

Working out in Sleeveless Sundried Top

Buying a sleeveless top:

Buying workout clothes requires you to look for different things than when you're picking outfits for you regular wardrobe. Opt for companies who specialise in workout specific clothing rather than casualwear to get the best from your performance. The highest valued workout gear is almost always valued for its durability and how long the clothing will last. This style of clothing is put under far more pressure than your regular clothing and so needs to be more robust, as well as being capable of supporting your every flex and move.

When buying a top, make sure you want to wear it. Your gym clothing can be motivational, without having a slogan. Gym Wear that looks good makes you feel good and encourages you to stick at it and achieve your fitness goals.

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