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Welcome to Sundried

At Sundried, we believe in quality, eco-friendly, affordable sports apparel. Intelligently designed to optimise your training, enhance your performance, and stay comfortable mile after mile, our apparel will support you whether you’re running your first ever 5k or training for an Ironman triathlon.

We’re passionate about the environment - our EcoTech® collection is made from 100% recycled materials.

Join us and find out why Sundried is trusted by athletes across the globe.

Activewear UK

Sundried is a UK activewear brand with a focus on multisport, or what is commonly called triathlon. However, we focus on the athlete not just the event. We produce sports clothing for men and women to wear while training, while competing and on your rest days. All of our products are 100% vegan, and our pioneering EcoTech range is made from recycled fabrics, allowing you to shop with a conscience. 

Men's Activewear UK

If you are after what most people class as activewear then you are probably thinking leggings and training t-shirts. Sundried have you covered from not just your performance apparel, but also hoodies for you to wear post training. 


For triathlon, it is not just about picking up the best trisuit. Of course Sundried, like most of our collections has a pro level Mens Trisuit, and a mens trisuit training option. The same in our women's collection. Our Womens Trisuit is one of the most tested piece of kit you will see on the start line. You may be interested in a skin suit to start your triathlon in. 

Sports Clothing

When it comes to our sports clothing, apparel and accessories we won't let you down. From our performance recycled fabrics through to our collection of cycle apparel Sundried work with professional athletes and cyclists, testing daily to make sure your Sundried Sports Clothing is the best you can find.